? Shed 96 Tears

I hesitate to say that, 96 TEARS, by, QUESTION MARK and the Mysterians, was a One Hit Wonder because they were very active for years and had other Chart Records, but never anything as big as "96 Tears," which literally exploded on the radio off CKLW in the Detroit/Windsor Area in 1966.

Interestingly, the boys were sons of Mexican Migrant Workers from Texas who had relocated to Bay City, Michigan to build the cars. Initially "96 Tears" was released on a Local Label, but Neil Bogart at Cameo/Parkway Records (Later head of Casablanca) bought the Master and distributed the record nationally, combined with TV appearances by the Group.

? was a strange dude who wore shades 24 hours a day named, RUDY MARTINEZ, and the tune was driven by an Electric Farfisa Organ, that gave the song a raw and driving feel. On the Eve of Halloween in 1966, "96 Tears" hit #1 on the Billboard Chart, and ended up selling over one million records and earning a Gold Record Award. @therealdonrocks

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