PPM Were Blowing In The Wind

Here's a great tune in the Folk genre: PETER, PAUL AND MARY, doing BOB DYLAN's legendary Peace anthem, BLOWING IN THE WIND. PP&M were huge for awhile and some of the leading purveyors of Bobby D. from Hibbing's songbook. Unlike some of the scruffier folk groups, they were dressed like they were going to a wedding reception, the men in suits and ties, and Mary, a beautiful creature with long blond hair, in demure dresses. But they could sing like angels (I'm not saying they lived that way) in almost perfect three-part harmony. It's a blessing to find BBC videos from back in the day, the pictures are crisp Black and White, and the sound is studio quality. So let's go back to Swinging London in 1963. @therealdonrocks

500 Hundred Miles

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