Chuck Said Any Day Now

One of the cool things for me doing The Don Rocks is learning new stuff. And so it was when Captain Video reminded me of this great song: CHUCK JACKSON doing ANY DAY NOW.

I'm pretty familiar with Chuck and "Any Day Now" because I had the privilege of emceeing one of his shows at the legendary FORTY THIEVES CLUB in Bermuda in the early 60's. The main thing I remember is we had a special Light Cue when Chuck sang the line: ("Then the blue shadows will fall all over town, oh Any day now love will let me down,") and a guy backstage would patiently wait until that line to flood the stage in Blue Light.

Of course I also remember Chuck's dynamic presentation, and that he was a great guy. What I didn't know until today is that the the song was written by the team of Burt Bacharach and Bob Hilliard; I had assumed that Chuck had written it or one of the teams at the Brill Building knocked it out.

The song was also covered by ELVIS, and in a lovely Country Version by the great RONNIE MILSAP, that I was involved with later in the Record Business. This is another great clip from way back in 1965 with good sound and video although it's kind of dark. Fun Fact: That is Mr. Bacharach himself playing the organ in the opening sequence. @therealdonrocks

I Don't Want to Cry

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