The Brownsville Boys Were Smokin'

In 1973 some guys from Ann Arbor who called themselves, BROWNSVILLE STATION, hit Big at #3 on the Billboard Chart with a song called, SMOKIN' IN THE BOYS ROOM, selling 2 million records, and getting them a Gold Disc.

I remember thinking at the time that they had touched on an experience that a lot of those Rockers out there had shared themselves in High School, some were caught and some got away with it. BVS would go on to have 7 more Chart Singles, but none were as big as "Smokin'."

Scott found this really cool video, with great Picture and Sound, of the Group appearing on Midnight Special in 1974, and Rocking Out. Funny thing for me is that Lead Singer, CUB KODA, is wearing eye glasses very similar to the ones I have today, fashion is cyclical. @therealdonrocks


Kings of the Party

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