Twin Spin: Let’s Do the Bristol Stomp

I'm going to try something new, A TWIN SPIN. Writing about LEN BARRY, being lead singer of The DOVELLS, who had among many other hits, THE BRISTOL STOMP.I remember wondering which Bristol the kids were from, there are really a lot of them out there; my suspicion was Pennsylvania, since The Dovells were a group from West Philly. Turns out I was right, the song was a cover of a local group, Terry and The Applejacks in the Philly suburb of Bristol who had seen local kids doing the Stomp.

The Applejacks released their version of the song which went nowhere. Terry was the son of Dave Appell, who along with Kal Mann had written the tune, and were convinced it was Hit Material; so they tried again with the Dovells. Second choice was a charm: The Dovells with Len Barry singing the lead hit the streets in 1961 and zoomed up the charts to the #2 position on the Hot 100, selling over a million records and going Gold. (If you liked the "Twin Spin," let me know and we can do more.)

Once again a restored clip from TV with HD Video and Sound. Start Stompin', it's a good way to lose weight having fun. @therealdonrocks

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