FREE Say It’s All Right Now

The band, FREE, was formed in London in 1968, and had their giant hit, ALL RIGHT NOW, in 1970. What's remarkable about that was their ages when they got together; Bass player Andy Fraser was 15, lead guitarist Paul Kossoff was 17, and both Lead Singer Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke were 18.FREE's shows around the London Circuit were notoriously good, but they couldn't capture that sound in the Studio until they recorded the album, FIRE AND WATER, which contained the great tune, "All Right Now."

The single got an award from ASCAP for over one million radio plays, went #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, and #1 on the U.K. Rock Chart. It also scored them them a spot at the iconic Isle of Wight Festival; and that kick started them doing over 700 concerts before breaking up in 1973, when PAUL ROGERS left to front BAD COMPANY, and the others splintered into other bands.

Fun Fact: The engineer on the "All Right Now" Recording Session was Roy Thomas Baker, who went on to be Producer for Queen's hits. Here is FREE playing their signature song at Isle of Wight in a good clip. @therealdonrocks

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