Black Sabbath Redefined Heavy Metal

The Metal Heads are really after me to play more of their stuff and there is one group that has to be included, BLACK SABBATH. Founded in 1968 in the Industrial Town of Birmingham, England, the original Group consisted of Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, and Ozzy Osbourne. (Yes, That Ozzy.)The Sabbath's songs tended towards The Occult, and often had horror and apocalyptic themes.

The history of the Band is incredibly complicated with some of the biggest names in Heavy Metal coming and going after Ozzie was bounced out in 1979 for being totally loaded all the time, talking to him then could be a bizarre experience. So guys like Ronnie James Dio would join and do vocals for a while and then move on. (Dio died May 16, 2010 after a battle with stomach cancer.)So then the so-called Pioneers of Heavy Metal welcomed Ozzy back in 1997, (One of the Record Guys at the time said, "You can almost understand what he's saying now.")

They reunited and released an Album called, "Reunion" that got them back on track. Since then they have sold over 70 Million Records, won Two Grammys and were inducted into the R&RHOF in 2006. Here's Black Sabbath Live in their Home Town with Great Picture and Loud Sound, doing the Head Bangers Delight, PARANOID. If you've only seen Ozzy on TV, this will be an eye-opener. A person could die in that Mosh Pit. @therealdonrocks

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