Peggy March Followed Him All the Way to #1

Let's do another quicky for the Groove Yard Gang, those Moldie Oldie fans. In the early 60's quite a few young ladies had a hit record or two, I had a habit of referring to them as "Little," as in "Here's little Miss Brenda Lee," although I did know Brenda was tiny, I hadn't seen most of the others except Connie Francis.

So in in 1963 when we received a record called, I WILL FOLLOW HIM, by a Pennsylvania girl named PEGGY MARCH (born Margaret Annemarie Battavio) she immediately became "Little Peggy," although watching this original video from a TV Show at the time, it becomes apparent that the 4' 9" Peggy was, at 14 pretty little.

Produced by the great team of Hugo and Luigi, "I will follow him, " became a Teenage #1 Hit and sold over a million records. She was not able to squeeze out another Pop Hit in the U.S., but she had quite a career in Europe for many years. I'll bet that most of the women listening to this who were in their teens at the time can repeat every word, some of the boys too. The sound is jacked up. @therealdonrocks

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