Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen's Journey

EDITOR'S NOTE: Leonard Cohen went to Rock and Roll Heaven on November 10, 2016. He was 82. The Don Rocks staff extends our deepest condolences to his family. This post originally appeared on Facebook a few weeks prior to Mr. Cohen's death. -jacqui

One of the most interesting stories in the Music Business is that of the great singer/songwriter, LEONARD COHEN. I remember back in the day when many artists covered his songs, and some had hits with them like, BIRD ON A WIRE, when Leonard's own records did not sell that well. Also, his live appearances were iffy, because on several occasions he stopped in the middle of a song, said he couldn't do this anymore and left the stage.

Years passed when his memory faded in the public sphere, while he was on a serious Spiritual Journey, looking for the true meaning of life. He lived on Mount Baldy in a tiny cabin with a Guru for four years, immersed himself in the beliefs of the Indian people in Mumbai, dropped gallons of Acid, and had a daisy chain of love affairs with beautiful and often famous women.

Then at age 70 he realized the woman who had been handling his finances, had systemically drained his accounts of millions of dollars, literally forcing him to go out and perform again to refill the coffers and support his wife and two children. It was a miracle, he always had a pleasant voice, but now it had deepened into a Golden Instrument.

He toured almost non-stop for three years to amazingly appreciative crowds around the world, and the Live Album from those shows became one of the biggest selling adult records of all time. Scott had suggested that we put up BIRD ON A WIRE, a song about his separating from his lover Marianne after a seven-year affair, but I decided to post the song that is one of the most covered songs of any in our day, with over 300 versions: HALLELUJAH.

Fun Fact: During the writing of the song, he went through 80 Drafts; at one point finding himself in his underwear beating his head on the floor in frustration. .@therealdonrocks

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