Robert Plant: Older, Wiser, Still Rockin'

I don't know about you, but when I think about ROBERT PLANT, I remember the bare-chested, curly-haired, Lyricist and Singer in the legendary band, LED ZEPPELIN. But that was a long time ago, he joined the Zepp in 1968 at 20 years of age. But he's 68 now, and although he's kept his hair, he's now a bit wizened, but still has most of his early energy.

Unlike many of his peers he's continued to work in different styles, like doing a Big Selling Album with the delightful and talented Alison Krause called, Raising Sand, which one the Grammy for Album of the Year in 2008.

Plant has played with several groups including, BAND OF JOY, in 2010, and his latest band, SENSATIONAL SHAPE SHIFTERS, since 2012,who are featured on this clip from AUSTIN CITY LIMITS, taking on the LED ZEPPELIN Hit, BABE I'M GOING TO LEAVE YOU. Great video and sound, and a reminder that back in the day he was considered the best singer in Rock, with his wide vocal range. @therealdonrocks

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