Elton John was a Rocket Man

There's not much to say about ELTON JOHN (Reginald Dwight), It's like his music been around forever and won every award up to becoming SIR Elton John, when he received his CBE from the Queen of England. He and his writing partner, the extremely talented and somewhat reclusive BERNIE TAUPIN, have written more hits than most other artists all together.

His tribute to the late Princess Diana, "Candle in the Wind," sold 33 Million copies in 1997 world-wide. But in the late 1960s when he first hit the scene he was known for flamboyant costumes (including a Duck suit, once) and entertaining concerts.

I think this clip of him introducing ROCKET MAN as his new single was about the same time I first saw him perform live. He's one of a kind, and even more interesting since he came out as a major gay icon, marrying his life-partner David Furnish and adopting two boys, one born to a surrogate mother. @therealdonrocks

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