Hoyt Axton brought Joy to the World

Scott reminded me that the great Songwriter and Singer, HOYT AXTON, died 17 years ago. Pretty close to home, because at ABC Records we had THREE DOG NIGHT who had big hits with at least two of Hoyt's songs, JOY TO THE WORLD and NEVER BEEN TO SPAIN. But Hoyt himself was a vocalist with a very strong voice and kind of a combination, Folk, Rock and Country singer, with a fun sense of humor.

Folks that knew Hoyt Axton would probably say that he was a "Life of the Party" kind of guy with big appetites. He wrote songs made famous by other artists besides The Dogs like GREENBACK DOLLAR for THE KINGSTON TRIO and THE NO NO song for none other than RINGO.

Fun fact: Hoyt's mother MAE, a real piece of work herself, wrote HEARTBREAK HOTEL, one of ELVIS' biggest early hits; so it appears that the songwriting talent ran in the family.

This is clip of HOYT performing JOY TO THE WORLD at one of WILLIE NELSON's Farm Aid concerts in Champaign, Illinois on September 22, 1985. @therealdonrocks

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