Judas Priest Were Heavy Metal Gods

So in 1969 the British Heavy Metal movement began, and one of the bands in the Spear Head was, JUDAS PRIEST. They scared a lot of people at first, decked out in black leather and chains, with their Marshall Amps on 11.They were incredibly popular in the 70's decade, despite many personnel changes and lack-luster recordings. But at their Concerts the Head Bangers in the Mosh Pit, went crazy.

Considered the second biggest Band in their genre, The Priest have sold over 40 million records world wide, and are still out there busting ear-drums.They are also credited as the Fashion icons for many Heavy Metal Bands to come. Scott has submitted a great video for their presentation on TDR FB, the official film from their recording, BREAKING THE LAW, (yeah pretty rebellious eh?) in color and HQ sound. Fun Fact: They pioneered the name: METAL GODS. @therealdonrocks

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