Sugarloaf Sang About a Green-Eyed Lady

Every once in a while we'd receive a new record by a Group or Artist we'd never heard of, put it on the turntable and say, "WOW! This is really cool." So it was when one day when I first heard a group with the strange name of SUGARLOAF out of Colorado, and what would be their one and only Big Hit, GREEN EYED LADY.

I wasn't the only one who liked it, within a couple of weeks it was being played everywhere and heading for the top of the charts. They had a difficult time getting a Label to distribute the record; CBS Turned it down, but Liberty heard it, and soon would the rest of the world. The video is a kind of psychedelic vision from 1970 with various ladies, green eyes or not, but the sound is terrific, and if you ever heard it once it'll come right back in your head. @therealdonrocks

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