There Really Was Smoke on the Water

Back in the '90s I had the great honor of speaking at the International Broadcast Conference in Montreux, Switzerland.It was sweet; Business Class on British Air, stayed in the same Chalet as top performers at Montreux Jazz Festival, and met a lot of wonderful people. But I also learned something I didn't know; the town is at the end of Lake Geneva, it's about 100 miles from Geneva to Montreux on the French border.

One of the hosts pointed across the Lake at the site of a burned building and said, "That's where DEEP PURPLE saw a building burn, when they wrote SMOKE ON THE WATER. The clouds of smoke drifted across the Lake and the sky was orange from the fire."For a gag on the road I used to ask piano players in the Lounges if they knew Smoke On The Water, and one night I guy played it, but I had no idea of the backstory. So here they are, one of the Great Bands of Our Time, Deep Purple with what has become their signature song Live and in Color with HQ Sound in Concert in 1972. @therealdonrocks [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]A version of this post originally appeared on The Don Rocks Facebook page. For more stories like these every day, join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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