Protest Rock in the Era of Vietnam

One of the things that drove the crowd at WOODSTOCK, was the continuing carnage of the War In Vietnam. I don't think anyone who wasn't alive in that era has any idea of the upheaval of that awful mistake, and the literal Legions of College Students and other Protestors who took to the streets, and often took over their schools.

It was at that grimy and iconic Music Festival, that the man and group who would become most associated with those protests appeared, they were called, COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH, and would enter the divided country's consciousness. One of their songs they called the, FISH CHEER, can never be played here, but the tune they did at The Stock, was known as "Country Joe's Anti-Vietnam Song," and as you'll see it really resonated with the crowd, especially the boys who faced the Draft and Death, and the girls who loved them.

It may be too strong for the young folks, and he says the F*** word once. Btw, for you students who slept through History, Vietnam lasted from 1955 to 1985, killed 50,000 Young Americans while maiming hundreds of thousands more in both body and mind, and brought down at least one President. @therealdonrocks [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]A version of this post originally appeared on The Don Rocks Facebook page. For more stories like these every day, join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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