Don Recalls Meeting: The Hollies

One of the first groups I ever did a show with, as a Deejay/Emcee was THE HOLLIES, they were on the same Bill as Peter Noone and HERMAN'S HERMITS, and several more hot acts at the time in a large arena. Things have changed since those days a lot, for instance, it was an afternoon show and I was told to go over and pickup a couple of the Hollies at 1:00.

Arriving on time at the Holiday Inn, I knocked on the door a few times until it was finally opened by GRAHAM NASH in his black bikini briefs, with another member covering his head with a blanket. Nash looked at me and said, "Who are you and what do you want?" I told him I was Donnie Dare and this was my radio brother Danny, and we were picking him for a show that would begin in an hour and a half. He asked that we go down in the Lobby and wait while they dressed, and after about a half hour later he and his band mate, whose name I don't remember stalked off the elevator and into the car. I don't remember much conversation, they'd had a rude awakening; I think it was Graham who said, "I didn't know we had a Matinee Show today, and the other guy just grunted. Like real Pros, when they went out to play they were great and the crowd loved them.

It was my first time in front of a great many people, but since the room was dark and I had a spotlight in my eyes, it didn't seem scary at all, it was dark and silent until I said, "Let's everyone give a big hello to...The Hollies, and before I finished their name they came running by, and Nash patted my back. Today of course the artists stay in much better hotels, are picked up in Limos, and usually told that there's an afternoon show. This is one of my favorite Holly tunes at the time; Live on the BBC in 1964, with good sound and picture: JUST ONE LOOK. @therealdonrocks [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]A version of this post originally appeared on The Don Rocks Facebook page. For more stories like these every day, join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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