Come Monday, Buffett Will Be there

And then there was JIMMY BUFFETT, whom I first met in 1975. When I picked him up, it was just Jimmy and his guitar, I don't remember if he had his Hush Puppies on, but he had his first hit, COME MONDAY the year before. Although that was a great record, it hadn't made him a household name yet, and he didn't have much dough.

We went around to radio stations and Jimmy charmed everybody with that Gulf Coast attitude. He was booked that night to do a University Concert, so I took him over to the Auditorium, and when we got backstage no one was there, no promoter or person to introduce him...there were maybe 50 people spread around the 2500 seats.

We waited for awhile and it stayed quiet, then Jimmy said he would play because he had a contract. So I strolled out on-stage, and introduced him myself. While I watched him work I realized what a great Songwriter and Performer he was, and I vowed to make this up to him. After a few months he was booked into a Blues Club called, Mother Blues, and our Promo Staff went all out to pack the house. By this time his fortunes were improving and he brought his new CORAL REEFERS band.

That night they played two shows to Sold Out audiences, with many Radio and Record Promo people in attendance to see and hear him in a more appropriate venue. Ours was only one of a number of shows that Buffett and the Reefers played in the next few months that built his reputation as a fun-loving performer with songs often reflecting the laid-back lifestyle of the Beach Society.

Jimmy Buffett went on to become one of the great Concert Draws in the country, with his army of "Parrotheads," costume-wearing, beer-drinking party fans selling out every show. He's become a one-man Corporation with restaurants, bars and now Resorts bearing his Margarittaville Logo. Buffett's net worth is estimated at almost a Half Billion Dollars. That my friend's, is a Rags to Riches, Horatio Alger, story. Scott found this video of Jimmy introducing the video of Come Monday and telling the story of it's origin....and budget. @therealdonrocks

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