Steely Dan Used Pretzel Logic

It was great working for a label that had artists the stature of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, known as STEELY DAN. Their music was considered some of the most tasty of the 70's, a fusion of Jazz, R&B and Funk that gave them a distinctive sound. The former students at the Arty and Exclusive, Bard College outside of NYC, wrote "Cerebral, Wry and Eccentric" lyrics that warmed the cockles of the English Majors cold hearts.

They practically lived in the Studio; the Gaucho Album alone in 1980, used some 42 musicians and 11 engineers to complete just seven songs. But each tune was mixed to perfection, their goal was too blend all the instruments together so that no single instrument stood out in the mix. Many great musicians played with them either on recordings or in the ever changing Road Band; including guitar master, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (The Dan, Doobies and Spirit) and Powerful Vocalist, Michael McDonald (Steely and the Doobies) who were used for specific work on certain songs.

Steely Dan produced 7 albums between 1972 and 1980, took a long break and came back with two more in 2000-2003, the first of which, "Two Against Nature," won Grammy of the year. Walter and Donald were popular inductees into the R&RHOF in 2001 with a Who's Who of the Rock World playing with them. Scott chose this beautiful video of them doing Pretzel Logic Live from the album of the Same Name, and with appropriate excellent Picture and Sound for our enjoyment. @therealdonrocks

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