David Bowie & Marianne Faithful Got You, Babe

Here's a quickie. Every once in a while I like to visit different moments in the late DAVID BOWIE's incredible career. And this one that Scott found during his, ZIGGY STARDUST, period is a killer. David was filming a one hour segment for The Midnight Special in London's Marquis Club, and his guest MARIANNE FAITHFULL and he did a cover of I'VE GOT YOU BABE, but it's a long way from Sonny and Cher.

Bowie's in one of his crazy costumes, but Marianne is in either a Nun's Habit, or a Nurse's Hat. Like all things Bowie it's pretty bizarre and fun. Having spent some time with the Chameleon, I can testify that this came out of David's head. This video is a really Fun four minutes in color with enhanced sound. (Note: This video has time code on the picture, and some people may find it distracting. The code is used for editing and syncing purposes, here for the NBC Show being filmed.)


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