The Cowsills Were Real-Life Partridges

Let's do some Bubble Gum Music. THE COWSILLS: Bob Cowsill, Barry Cowsill, Bill Cowsill, John Cowsill, Barbara Cowsill, Susan Cowsill, and Paul Cowsill, popped up in 1965 with a really big record called, THE RAIN THE PARK AND OTHER THINGS. The deal was that this Real Family was loaded with musically talented kids and their Mother, and who could play and sing harmonies like real pros. They were a Clean Cut Machine...and that was very attractive to a lot of folks as the Hippy trend had begun.

The Rain The Park and Other Things topped out on the Pop Chart at #2 and earned them a Solid Gold Record Award. Fun Fact: They were the inspiration for the TV Show, THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY, a sitcom starring Shirley Jones and her son, David Cassidy who would go on to be a Teen Idol with a solo career.

So get ready to pop your bubble gum, and smile along with The Cowsills doing their signature tune on Live TV in HD with Glorious Bright Color and Excellent Sound. Thanks to Scott we cover all bases here at TDR. @therealdonrocks

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