Glen Campbell Was a Hit Maker

GLEN CAMPBELL had a wonderful career, beginning with being in the great "Wrecking Crew" group of musicians that played on more hits than can be counted. He then went out with the Beach Boys as their Bass Player on Tour, and later filled the same position with Ricky Nelson on his Asian Tour. He also had a television show that did very well and showcased a lot of other artists. In the late-60's Glen had as string of hits, most written by the prolific Jimmy Webb, and including: By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Wichita Lineman, Galveston and several more, plus great renditions of Alan Toussaint's, "Southern Nights" and John Hartford's classic, "Gentle On My Mind."

Although he was turning out hits as a vocalist, his guitar work was always in demand playing on hits for everyone from Bobby Darin and The Monkees to Frank Sinatra and Elvis. To say Glen was one of the most beloved artists of his time, both by the public and his fellow performers, would be an understatement. What you saw in the boy from Delight, Arkansas', humble persona and natural niceness, was what you got when he was off-stage; a real mensch who quietly helped many people in need.

In 2012 along with a plethora of awards, Glen Campbell was presented the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, a major accomplishment in any musicians career. Tragically, at that time he was already suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and his singing Rhinestone Cowboy at the Grammy Ceremony would be his last appearance on TV.

In 2014 he entered an Alzheimer's Long Care Facility, and at this writing he's reported to be unable to communicate with other people and no longer understands what other people are saying to him. But he's also reported to be Cheerful and Happy, and receiving Musical Therapy. (Campbell passed in August 2017 - ed.)

Scott suggested a video of Southern Nights for our tribute to Glen, but I elected to put up this clip of him playing for his peers, GENTLE ON MY MIND, because it has a great Guitar Break, showing why he was considered the Best of the Best. Bless your soul Glen Campbell, there are a lot of people out here that have You on their minds, and are sending you Good Thoughts. @therealdonrocks


There's been some disappointment that certain popular posts only had one video, when the Artist had many. So for the Posts that have done really well, I'm going to put up another video as a Bonus, in this case one of our biggest response posts, the tribute to GLEN CAMPBELL. And to kick it off, I'm putting up a beautiful video of Glen Live singing, THE WICHITA LINEMAN. If you like this new feature please reply to such, or if you don't care for it, I'd still like to hear. @therealdonrocks

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