Oh Boy! It's Buddy Holly & The Crickets

Scott just reminded me that it was 58 years ago today, in 1959, that the music died. A light plane piloted by a 21 year old crashed in Clear Lake, IA, killing: BUDDY HOLLY, THE BIG BOPPER and young RICHIE VALENS. Scott has put together a tribute with 3 videos of the artists.

Over the years various artists who were on that freezing bus with a broken heater on the Dick Clark Tour, (Dion, Waylon Jennings and the recently deceased, Tommy Alsup) have discussed how fated kept them off the plane, and different levels of survivor guilt. It's a very long time ago, and many readers won't have memories of the day, but believe me it was a major event during the birth of the Golden Age of Rock, and effected both the music business and the fans in a very profound way. But as we always say, they live on in their music, and that is certainly the case here. I'm going to do 3 posts in a row with the videos. Starting with Buddy Holly. @therealdonrocks

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