Shirley Ellis Taught You the Name Game

There was one thing about the disc jockey business that could be a bit of a pain. Certain songs could be annoying to some and loved by others, but either way you had to play them in rotation, whether you liked it or was the format. Anyway, I've eluded to some in the past, but Scott found one that drove me crazy after 50 spins, a young woman named SHIRLEY ELLIS who hit the Jackpot in 1964 with a song she wrote called: THE NAME GAME.

It was huge and topped out at #3 on the Pop Chart, and #4 R&B, and sold a ton of records. To be honest perhaps my annoyance had to do with my inability to do it right, although legions of teenage girls did at the Record Hops. "The Name Game" was one of the very rare records that was released a second time in 1973, and did well again. Caution: if you remember it, watching the video (Old black and white with good EQ'd sound) may cause an Ear Bug. Here's some help:

Katie, Katie, bo-batie, Banana-fana fo-fatie Fee-fy-mo-matie Katie!


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