Barbara Lynn Warned: You'll Lose a Good Thing

The young lady from Beaumont, TX, BARBARA LYNN (Barbara Lynn Ozen) was unusual in several ways in her early career. For starters she was an accomplished left-handed guitar player, very rare in female singers, and she also wrote a lot of her own material, again not common at the time.

The singer Joe Barry saw her in a Club in 1961 and introduced her to producer Huey P. Meaux, who ran SugarHill Recording Studios, and who signed her and worked with Miss Lynn writing a song which was titled: YOU'LL LOSE A GOOD THING. It was recorded at Cosimo Matassa's J&M Studio (Also known as Cosimo's) in The Big Easy in 1962 with Session Musicians including, Mac Rebennack (Later known as Dr. John), Lightening Hit the first time for Barbara Lynn who saw her Freshman effort climb to #1 on the R&B Chart and Top 10 Pop.

Still in her early 20s she found herself touring with some of the Biggest Black Acts at the time including: Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Ike and Tina. I can't call her a One Hit Artist because she had many more Chart Records, but none came near the success of "Good Thing," which became her signature song. It was later covered by Aretha Franklin, Pop/R&B, and became a hit for Freddie Fender Country; remember, as writer of the song, Barbara along with Huey got paid on every record sold.

In 1984 Barbara Lynn had a great tour of Japan, but when she returned to the States her husband died, and she decided to move back home to Beaumont to be near her mother. Although she released several more records over the years none have done as well as her early work. In 1999 Barbara Lynn was given the Pioneer Award by the Rhythm and Blues Foundation, perhaps the highest honor for a Blues Artist. We're fortunate to have a Color (a bit faded) Video of Barbara doing her signature song live on TV in 1966 with excellent quality sound. @therealdonrocks

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