KC and the Sunshine Band Get Down Tonight

I was never much into Disco, but I did visit a few Clubs back in the day to bring records to their deejays, and what went on in the those sweaty rooms are stories best not repeated...but hot stuff for a former small town boy. But there was one group that I and a lot of other people liked that had a string of hits on radio: KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND.

They came out of Miami, and were founded by a young man named Harry Wayne Casey from Hialeah, Florida, , who worked in a Record Store just like in the movies,yearning to be a Star. The Sunshine Band was an obvious reference to sunny Florida. They had a Triple Platinum Album titled with the band's name in 1975, that broke big with the hit single, "GET DOWN TONIGHT," topping the Pop Chart in August of that year.

There were four more hit singles between 1976 to 1979, ending with "Please Don't Go" in December of 1979, and becoming the first hit single of 1980 at the apogee of the Disco Craze. Around 1985 KC retired, but then accomplished a comeback in 1990 when there was a Disco revival and began to tour heavily.

Although that was the end of their hit records, their former manager told me they were a money-machine, playing: Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, County Fairs, Birthday Parties and everywhere that folks liked to get down and have a good time. I don't want to sound snarky, but it's quite a surprise for old fans to see KC today, a balding, overweight guy, but he still knows how to Shake It, and get them up. Let's for a minute go back to the late-70's and see KC And The Sunshine Band in Live performance of their signature hit, "Get Down Tonight." Dance On! @therealdonrocks

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