AC/DC: From Australia To Metal Gods

AC/DC were nice Australian boys who shocked the rock & roll world with their heavy music and lifestyle. There was lead guitarist Angus Young in a school boy uniform; Brother/co-founder Malcolm Young on rhythm guitar; Phil Rudd on drums; and hard-living lead singer Bon Scott, who died from acute alcohol poisoning in 1980.

The band was considered a hard rock/blues back in the day, but modern rockers know them as one of the fathers of Heavy Metal. Their history, like the band itself, is pretty crazy, but we're going to look at this early incarnation with Bon out front. Old Bon joined the band in 1977 and drank himself to death by 1980—just after the release of the AC/DC's early mega-opus, the album called: HIGHWAY TO HELL.

It would be a cheap shot for me to say that Bon was following that road, but he was what my mom used to call a "Hellion," or someone you didn't play with anymore.

The band pressed on with replacement singer BRIAN JOHNSON, and did just fine. They've sold 200 Million Records world-wide, with more than 71 Million sold in the U.S. alone. Producer Rick Rubin referred to AC/DC as the: "Greatest rock and roll band of all time" in Rolling Stone. They've toured for years with various personnel and constantly sell out Arenas and Stadiums. The Young Brothers have a street named after them in Melbourne and the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. One more great quote.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith presented them saying AC/DC 's Power Chords are "The thunder from down under that gives you the second most powerful surge that can flow through your body." Enough said.

We'll return to AC/DC periodically to talk about different parts of their career and history, but I wanted to do this one first, because the other thing Scott sent me was this Incredible Video of The Great Metal Band performing Highway to Hell with Bon Scott on vocals shortly before his death. If there's a Rock and Roll Heaven or Hell, he's already found the bar. @therealdonrocks

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