Buddy Knox Had a Party Doll

BUDDY KNOX was the first successful singer/songwriter in Rock and Roll. The boy from Happy, Texas was playing on the same show as BUDDY HOLLY, who suggested he go to Norman Petty's Studio in Clovis, New Mexico, where Buddy cut three of his hits including: "That'll Be The Day," to make a record, which he did. As time goes by we'll visit Petty's Studio again with other artists from the early days of Rock who found magic there.

Buddy Knox took the advice and went to Clovis, to cut a song he'd written called: PARTY DOLL. It was released on the tiny Triple-D Label, but as it started to happen in the Southwest the notorious Morris Levy picked it up (It would be interesting to know if Buddy ever got paid) and rolled the song out nationally on his Roulette imprint.

One thing old Morris knew was how to get a record played on the radio in that day, and "Party Doll" virtually exploded, zooming up the charts to #1, and selling a million platters. (Trying out a little cool talk.) Buddy got a Gold Record to hang on the wall, but he was never to have as big a hit again. He would come close when he went to Liberty and worked with the legendary Snuff Garrett who produced "Lovey Dovey," which rose to #25. Buddy Knox passed away on Valentine's Day 1999, at age 66 of Lung Cancer...heavy smoker. Here he is young, handsome and talented in 1957, doing his signature song on that new contraption called,Television. @therealdonrocks

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