Jimmy Rodgers Struck Gold With Honeycomb

One of the really popular artists in the mid to late 1950s was JIMMY RODGERS (born James Frederick Rodgers) who was actually a country star, but with the new Pop Rock and Roll movement became a very popular cross-over artist. One of his biggest hits was a song called, HONEYCOMB, that topped the Pop Charts in 1957 for four weeks, and sold more than a million copies going solid gold.

Jimmy had several more hits including: "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine." Then in 1967 Rodgers suffered head injuries in a car accident (there were rumors that he was beaten up by toughs from an old label, or beaten by Los Angeles police) that left him with traumatic head injuries.

Jimmy said he suffered from spastic dysphonia for years and it was difficult to sing, but he spent some later years performing in Branson, Missouri. As of this writing Jimmy Rodgers is still alive at 83 years of age, but lets look back to see what he looked like in his prime, singing his hit, Honeycomb on rare TV Kinescope footage from 1957. @therealdonrocks

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