OO Wee Baby! Let's Doo-Wop With The Harptones

Here's a quick post: some doo-wop with the HARPTONES and their song, from 1956, OO WEE BABY. This is an interesting subject, I didn't say "Their Hit Song" because they never had one. The doo-wop craze was very big in the North East, especially New York City where most of the groups were, and jocks like Alan Freed played the music. But for some reason the sound never really blanked the country keeping record sales down, and the groups off both the Pop and R&B charts. Yet the black doo-woppers gained a certain amount of Fame, and then the white groups, like Dion and The Belmonts, hit big country-wide with a kind of melodic homogenized doo-wop sound.

Remember this was in the 50's, and racial segregation was still very much in play in some parts of the country. Most Top 40 radio stations in the South and elsewhere would not play records by black artists. The Harptones were best known for their lead singer, Willie Winfield and their pianist/arranger, Raoul Cita, both of whom jump out of this clip from one of the cheap Rock and Roll movies of the time: ROCKING THE BLUES, which usually were produced and stared the late Mr. Freed as himself. So here they are, on stage performing one of the songs that was written for the film, "OO Wee Baby another was, "MAMBO BOOGIE." Note: This film was produced and starred the black deejay Hal Jackson. @therealdonrocks

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