J. Geils Band: Always a R&RHOF Bridesmaid

The J. GILES BAND was hot in the 70's with their Bar-Band mix of R&B, Soul and Doo-Wop style. J. Giles was formed in the Boston area in the late 60's, and I think was a little hipper and more cerebral than groups from other areas because of the huge college population (around 250,000). It was founded by the guitarist and vocalist J. Giles himself with, Danny Klein – Bass, Magic Dick (Richard Salwitz)-harmonica and Brass, Peter Wolf – vocals, Seth Justman – keyboards, and Stephen Bladd – Drums. Like most of the groups with long histories those positions changed often over the years. But the music and performances were terrific.

J. Giles was pretty much a New England favorite until 1980 when they released the single, LOVE STINKS, a funny tune that caught the public's fancy nationwide. Then came the "Freeze Frame" album which threw off the single, CENTERFOLD, a #1 smash for 6 weeks straight. At this time the J. Giles band had been going through a musical transition from the original R&B/Soul sound to the New Wave, influenced by bands like Talking Heads and Cars. And now for the bad news.

The J. Giles band has been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame five times and passed over again for 2017. They along with The Cars and other bands that really rocked, have suffered from Jann Wenner's policy of expanding the base to include acts that are a hard-strech to call Rock and Roll, and a lot of folks in the music business and fans are not happy. Peter Wolf who has actually inducted other acts including Jackie Wilson and Paul Butterfield said: "It's great to be recognized, but it's a drag to be disappointed."

But like always, it's the music that this great band will be remembered for, not their rejection by an increasingly political so-called Hall of Fame. And I can prove that right now with this video of the J.Giles band Live and performing their first national hit, "Love Stinks," with great picture and sound. @therealdonrocks

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