Air Supply: Lost In Love

Sometime in the 80s I had dinner with some folks including a former Miss Arkansas. We got to talking and she asked if I knew her boyfriend, Russell Hitchcock who with guitarist and singer, Graham Russell, made up the Aussie group, AIR SUPPLY. I told her I didn't know him and in fact had never seen them play, but I was very aware of their music.

Although Rock ruled, there were several groups, Bread comes to mind, that released beautiful and sensitive records...and were the fantasy figures of many ladies. She said that when they played the States he'd fly her to gigs, and she had to fight her way through the groupies to get to their dressing room.

Scott reminded me of them this morning, and I decided to put up one of Air Supply's greatest hits, LOST IN LOVE. Hits they had, including 8 Top 10s in the U.S. in the 80s, and they were also lucky, in 1979 'Lost In Love" was a hit in Australia, and someone sent it to ARISTA RECORDS, legendary chief, CLIVE DAVIS.

Clive has "great ears," as we say about someone who can hear the hits before they're hits, and signed them to the label. He did a remix of the "Lost In Love' track (more 'ear' work) and watched it climb to #3 on the Top 40 Chart. As with other "Soft Rock" releases, it had the advantage of being played on the Adult Contemporary stations as well as the Top 40s, and sold a ton of records.

The album was also called LOST IN LOVE, and spun off four more U.S. hits. I know there must be a story behind the name, I asked the girl and she didn't really know, but someone out there probably will. It could be as simple as people needing a supply of air, or some Australian thing. I was fortunate to find the official video for "Lost In Love," with beautiful color and sound, if you don't remember the name, I think you'll recognize the tune when you hear it, unless you were very young or weren't born yet. @therealdonrocks

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