Crispian St. Peters: The Pied Piper

In 1966 I had landed as the 6-9 pm jock at KELP in El Paso, Texas, it was a very strong and dominant Top 40, and a good place to get back on the air in the U.S. and polish my chops. Anyway, I was off on Saturday nights, and one of the sales guys came in and asked me how I'd like to make $50 by spinning records in a nightclub on Saturday night, he didn't have to ask twice, as usual I was living way beyond my means and could use the dough..$50 just wasn't chopped liver in those days.

We had added a record that week by a Brit who called himself CRISPIAN ST.PETERS (Robin Peter Smith) it was a catchy tune called, THE PIED PIPER. Anyway, I tossed it in my bag along with other popular songs at the time, and Saturday night drove my Baby Blue Mustang (matched my eyes) to the Club which turned out to be on the Top Floor of a high-rise hotel. It was a big room with tables and dance floor, had a nice deejay set-up with a mic and a couple of turntables, and it was full of people.

To be honest, I usually did hops for teenagers which could be difficult when they'd been drinking, but seldom spun tunes for adults with the men in suits and the ladies in dresses. I was a little bit afraid to rock too hard, they might leave, so I started off easy, maybe Petula Clark and a Beatles like, "Yesterday."

A few of them were dancing most were talking when I put on the Crispian St. Peter's record, "Pied Piper" merely mentioning that here's something new. All of a sudden it seemed like the whole room was dancing, they formed a conga line and snaked around the tables having a great time. Funny how some memories will stay with you, even though it wasn't a major event, it was a learning experience; if you play the right stuff you can get almost anyone out on the dance floor.

I probably played Pied Piper 5-6 times that night including once when I said, "Ladies Choice" and it cleaned out the bar. On Monday the sales guy came into the booth and said his client was very pleased and would I like to do it again...sure, thanks to the "Pied Piper." So here is an early video of Crispin Live doing what became his biggest hit and signature tune, about where it's at. @therealdonrocks

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