Maria Muldaur Spent Midnight At The Oasis

Time for something a little cooler, there must be some adults out there. Remember the name, MARIA MULDAUR? (Nee: Maria D'Amato). She had a very successful career, but her Signature Song, MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS, was her biggest hit in 1973 and is mostly what she's best known for.

Maria was one of those rare people who were actually born in Greenwich Village in 1943, so when the Folk Craze hit there in the 60's she was right in her own wheelhouse singing with folks like, JOHN SEBASTIAN, in the coffee houses at night.

She was a pretty sexy piece of cake, and so this kind of song was right up her, alley. This clip from that time is one of those fun ones, how many people remember wearing Bell Bottoms that big, and the hair on the support players is right in that Hippy Look Zeitgeist. @therealdonrocks

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