Fleetwood Mac: Over My Head

Apparently one of our folks doesn't think I've given appropriate attention to FLEETWOOD MAC, so here goes. There were two incarnations of The Mac; the first as a British Blues Band in the '60's led by guitarist Peter Green that had a U.K. hit called: ALBATROSS, but not much action in the U.S. Then they moved to California with a core of, John McVee, Christine McVee and Mick Fleetwood, and their success came with the addition of two more players.

At ABC Records we had released an album by an act from the Valley called, BUCKINGHAM NICKS, that didn't make much noise except for the cover that had the beautiful young couple nude, although not Lewd. Lindsey Buckingham and his adorable girl friend Stevie Nicks were recruited into Fleetwood Mac and that's when the magic began.

They became one of the best-selling Bands of all time, selling over 100 Million Units, and gaining entrance into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the Class of 1998. This isn't People Magazine, so I won't go into the incredibly complicated relationships inside the band over the years, but I will play a great video of one of their Big Hits written and sung by Christine McVee, OVER MY HEAD.

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