Steelers Wheel: Stuck In the Middle

In 1972 a new Scottish Rock/Folk band, STEALERS WHEEL, came on the scene. Founders were school chums, JOE EGAN and the great GERRY RAFFERTY. They put together a group with Joe-Rhythm and Back Vocals, Gerry-Rhythm and Lead Vocals, Paul Pilnick-Lead Guitar, Tony Williams-Bass and drummer Rod Coombes.

They had the great luck to have their first album, Stealers Wheel, produced by the hot Brill building songsmiths Leiber and Stoller, and got great reviews and sales. It took a while for the album to happen, and Rafferty left the band, but then "STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU was released and rose to #6 on the Hot 100, selling over a million singles and earning a Gold Record. Rafferty was persuaded to come back and tour with their hit which he did, but all the other guys besides Egan goes on and on, many bands like this one were revolving doors.

The group's second album stiffed, and Gerry and Joe were tired of each other so Stealer's Wheel broke up. Of course Gerry Rafferty went on to have a successful solo career, and his song "Baker Street" with the phenomenal sax solo became a standard. Scott pointed out that Stealers Wheel was introduced to a new generation in director Quentin Tarantino's film "Reservoir Dogs" in 1992, which caused album sales to rise again, and writers residual payments to follow.

Sadly Gerry Rafferty died of Live Failure in 2011 at age 64. Scott found another one of those beautifully done BBC Videos with the members of Stealers Wheel performing Live, "Stuck In The Middle With You," on Tops of the Pops in 1974. @therealdonrocks

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