The Platters: Golden Oldies Legends

As I mentioned before, Chrissie Hynde named her band after a favorite song, THE PRETENDER. That song was by THE PLATTERS, one of the most successful vocal groups from the mid-50s to the late 60s. During their reign, THE PLATTERS had 40 Pop Hits and four #1s on The Hot 100. Eventually, the group would splinter and be engulfed in lawsuits. For for over a decade, they ruled the radio.

THE PLATTERS consisted of lead tenor Tony Williams, David Lynch, Paul Robi, Herb Reed, and Zola Taylor. The group was a transitional act between the fading Pop Music of the time and emerging Rock and Roll, and they also broke glass ceilings: The Platters were among the first African-American groups to be accepted by the Pop Charts, and at one time were the Most Successful Singing Group In The World.

My dad didn't care much for the music I loved; I remember him changing the car radio when "Heartbreak Hotel" came on, and later advising me that I should stop playing that Rock and Roll Crap on the radio, and play the music people really wanted to hear, like Frank Sinatra. One of the groups that we both could appreciate was The Platters, and they were a bridge over that generational chasm.

I know some readers may not be aware of the group that were big many years ago, so let me introduce you with this wonderful film clip of The Platters singing Live their hit, ONLY YOU, and the intor by NyC Deejay Alan Freed, the man who named Rock and Roll. @therealdonrocks

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