Badfinger: Baby Blue

BADFINGER, formerly known as The Iveys, was the first band signed by the Beatles to their new APPLE Record label. The Welsh group's best known lineup included: Pete Ham – vocals, guitar, keyboards, Tom Evans – vocals, guitar, bass, Ron Griffiths – vocals, bass, and Mike Gibbins – vocals, drums.

They were multi-instrumental and vocally harmonious, and so good that the Beatles decided they wanted them to premier their new label. Paul McCartney provided them with their first song, "Come And Get It, which originally had been written for The Fab Four.

I'm not going to go into the story about how Badfinger were doing well until the Beatles breakup and a manager that squandered all their money turned their world upside down. But briefly, it was so bad that in April 1975, Ham committed suicide by hanging himself, and unable to get past his friend's suicide kept saying, "I wanna be where he is." In November of 1983, Evans also took his own life by hanging.

I've been told that the Beatles, especially George Harrison, took the deaths personally and felt like they had been their fault. That's enough depressing history, let's go back to the sunny side when Badfinger was the Apple of the Beatles 8 eyes, and check out the band Live in 1972 with BABY BLUE, with augmented sound. @therealdonrocks

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