George Harrison: What Is Life

I've been thinking about GEORGE HARRISON lately. During the BEATLES era, he was an integral member but Paul and John wrote most of the music and made it difficult for George's songs to get recorded. After the break-up in 1970 George released a 3-Disc Album full of the stuff he'd been writing over the years with the Delaney's and Bonnie's Band and Eric Clapton playing along: WHAT IS LIFE.

The album was a great success--much larger than Paul's--after The Beatles efforts. It's a love song that sounds like it could be to a Woman or a Deity, that he had originally written for Billy Preston, who was something of an acolyte to Harrison and also quite religious, but worshiped a different God. (For the religion majors: I know that all the Gods in the End Game are the same).

I think my favorite cut was actually, "My Sweet Lord." What Is Life producer Phil Spector sued George for Copyright Infringement over that cut, claiming it was a copy of his Chiffons' hit, "He's So Fine." A judge agreed, and Phil lost a friend and George lost a couple of million bucks.

Rolling Stone has called, "What Is Life" a Classic Song, and Marty Scorsese used it in his Mafia Tribute, "Goodfellas," and the Bio-Film, "George Harrison-Living in the material world." Scott found a good Live Recording from George's 1974 North American Tour with Clapton and the rest of the gang playing the tune in fading color, but Good Sound. May George Harrison's Rock and Roll soul rest in the Cosmic Peace, until it's time for him to return in his next incarnation. @therealdonrocks

Goodfellas - 1990

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