The Troggs: Wild Thing

There was a lot of great music to play on the radio in 1966, but one of the songs that really jumped out that summer was the Garage Band Hit: WILD THING, by a group from Hampshire, in the U.K., who called themselves, THE TROGGS, It was a fairly simple tune with a heavy beat and suggestive, girl-watching style lyrics. "Wild Thing" wasn't only a #1 Top 40 smash and big request tune on radio, but also a staple at every Club or Record Hop; I remember cranking it up and the kids would go crazy jumping around.

The band (singer Reg Presley, drummer Ronnie Bond, Bassist Pete Staples, and guitarist Chris Britton) were signed and managed by Larry Page, who also handled The Kinks--and knew his way around the industry. The Troggs had three songs go platinum (one million sales) during their career: "Wild Thing," " A Girl Like You" and my favorite, "Love Is In The Air," a nice ballad 180 degrees different than "Wild Thing."

Fun Fact: The Troggs was shortened from their original name: THE TROGLODYTES. This video is obviously referenced from The Beatles film, "A Hard Days Night," and it's in augmented HQ Sound, so if you're in an office, or the house, or anywhere you'd really like to annoy someone..turn it up to "11" and Rock On! @therealdonrocks

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