The Grateful Dead Go To Jail

One of my favorite Grateful Dead stories has to do with a New Orleans gig in 1970. Even in that sophisticated town, drugs were still very bad medicine in Louisiana. After the first night of a two-night show, Police descended on their hotel in The Quarter and busted 19 people for possession and use of various drugs.

Jerry Garcia and the boys spent the rest of the night in Jail and were bailed out in the morning and able to do their second show at the Warehouse that night and got out of town. Everyone left except for their sound man, the father of LSD production in Northern California, Owsley Stanley, who was wanted at home.

This has all led up to introduce the video of the Grateful Dead doing their signature song based on the New Orleans bust: TRUCKIN', Live during the Summer Solstice in 1989 at home with great picture and sound. @therealdonrocks

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