Bloodrock: D.O.A.

I was at a Radio Station in Fort Worth one day, 70's sometime, when the late Merlin Littlefield who was also doing promotion then, eventually he'd become an executive with ASCAP, told me he'd cut a record with a local group called Bloodrock. The band was led by a guy named Jimmy Rutledge and their record was called, D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival).

I didn't laugh in his face, but I considered it a fool's errand of sorts, a record like that could never get on the radio. Wrong again Donnie boy, it went on the radio and was a hit... although there was blow-back from a lot of parents, and Merlin went on to have a great life and career.

This video is the best I could find, the group playing live at a later time in concert. I must admit it was haunting, and I remember going to one of their early shows at Littlefield's invitation, I seem to remember a blood red flood light flashing and siren wailing during the song. @therealdonrocks

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