Humble Pie: 30 Days In The Hole

When HUMBLE PIE formed in 1969 they were considered one of the first SuperGroups. Original members came from some great bands: Steve Marriott from Small Faces-Vocals/Guitar, Peter Frampton from The Herd-Vocals/Guitar, Greg Ridley from Spooky Tooth-Bass and 17-year-old Drummer, Jerry Shirley from the Mod Band, Apostolic Intervention.

Their first album, "As Safe as Yesterday," is considered one of the first Heavy Metal Recordings and they were loud and rocked. In 1970 the dynamic Dee Anthony assumed management of Humble Pie and put Marriott out front as Lead Singer. In 1971 Frampton was the first to leave and went on to a successful Solo Career to be replaced by Clem Clemson; the new Humble Pie also added "The Blackberries," Venetta Fields, Clydie King and Sherlie Matthews as backup singers.

In 1972 the first album with the new line-up released the album "Smokin'" which driven by the hit "30 Days In The Hole" went to #6 on the Billboard Album Chart and broke the band wide-open. Between 1972 and 1980 Humble Pie would score 4 albums on the U.S. Album Chart and too many to mention Compilation and Live albums.

They didn't have a lot of Top 40 hits, because Humble Pie was a progressive band getting heavy play on Alternative FM, and a Huge Drawing Concert Band. In 1975 those left from the original group moved on to new projects after their Goodbye Pie Tour. Humble Pie would regroup over the years with different players, but most fans always preferred the old group.

We've found a rare B/W video of Humble Pie with great sound, however as so often happens with these really old clips the audio and video are just a hair didn't bother me, and I hope it doesn't bother you because you're about to see one of the most legendary bands of the early Rock Era playing their best-known songs, 30 DAYS IN THE HOLE from the SMOKIN' album Live and wild in 1972, and already viewed over 3 Million Times. @therealdonrocks

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