.38 Special: Hold On Loosely

Don Barnes' and Donnie Van Zant had a rocking group out of Jacksonville, Florida (quite a fertile ground for starting rock bands) in 1974 called: .38 SPECIAL. Part of the .38'success had to do with their terrific songs, so I wasn't surprised to learn that one of their writing collaborators was Jim Peterik, a co-founder of the band SURVIVOR, whom as we say had a way with words.

Since the inception of the band 20 or more players have passed through; the touring life can be tough, and several of the members went off and began bands of their own, often because they wanted to play a different kind of music, or didn't get along with the others. (A touring band is a very delicate organism and one part not in sync with the others can cause problems).

.38 Special's breakthrough record was HANG ON LOOSELY in 1981, and we have a sweet video of them around that time with excellent picture and sound; by this time the Video Tape Recordings were really getting good, just in time for MTV. Rock On! @therealdonrocks

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