One-Hit-Wonders: Al Wilson, Show & Tell

Scott found a great video of another one-hit wonder, AL WILSON with his smash, SHOW AND TELL, which went to #1 on the Pop Chart, and #10 R&B, selling a million platters and going Solid Gold in the early 70's. Al came out of Meridian, Mississippi and sang with several Gospel and Pop Groups on his way up. His break came when he signed with Johnny Rivers' Soul City label and had a minor hit with the Rivers' produced, "The Snake," in 1968. But it was 5 years later, after leaving River's label and going to his manager Mark Gordon's new label, Rocky Road, that he was teamed with writer/producer Jerry Fuller (Union Gap) to record Jerry's tune: "Show and Tell."

It was, as we used to say, "In the Grooves," and went from Hit Bound to #1 on Top 40 radio around the country, selling a million copies and driving the same-titled album into the stratosphere. This one literally caught my eye because of the beautiful job of video/audio editing & restoring being done on many of the old "Soul Train" tapes. So here he is, at the top of the charts in August of 1973, Al Wilson, with "Show and Tell" in GQ/HD. Rock On! @therealdonrocks

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