George Harrison: Something

GEORGE HARRISON'S beautiful 1969 ballad SOMETHING, which both John and Paul considered great work and the best song on ABBY ROAD, was the only Harrison song to top the Pop Chart at #1 while he was in the band. But what fascinates me is the subject of the song, it's a love letter to his model wife Pattie Boyd. She's said it was her favorite song by George, and that he told her she was the lady he was singing about.

Now that would be more than enough for anyone, but then came the struggle between George and his best friend ERIC CLAPTON, who won her away (George was a Beatle and they, eh, were popular with a lot of ladies) and wrote the great love song, "Wonderful Tonight," an ode to her beauty.

I have to wonder how being the object of affection for two of the world's most famous and successful guitar players affected her head and sense of self-worth...I imagine a lot. But this post is about the most thoughtful and spiritual member of the Fab Four and the song he wrote that became a standard recorded by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, James Brown and 147 other artists. (George said his favorite version was done by Mr. Brown and he had it on his home Jukebox.)

This clip is from the film of the Concert for Bangladesh that was organized by George and Sitar Great Ravi Shankar. Some of the biggest names in the business volunteered to perform and the concerts were held at 2:30 and 8:00 pm on Sunday, August 1st, 1971, at Madison Square Garden in NYC. The two concerts sold out almost immediately to 40,000 attendees and raise about $250,000 for the Bangladesh Relief Fund, the first fund-raising concert of it's kind and a huge success.

The shows were filmed by Apple Films as a documentary and a 3 Record Album released of the live performances; all together it's estimated that in total the receipts from the Concert, Film and Album totaled about $12 million that was sent to Bangladesh, one of the largest Humanitarian Events ever at that time. (I'm aware that there were some funds missing, but that's another story.) So it's 1971, the Beatles have split up, and George Harrison produces this giant fund-raiser as he slips into his new solo career. @therealdonrocks

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