B.J. Thomas: Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song

I remember in the late 50's listening to a far-away radio signal and hearing someone called B.J. THOMAS singing a beautiful, sad song called, "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry." I knew nothing about Hank Williams who had written it, but I loved the way this man presented the song, that Elvis later called, "The saddest song he ever sang."

25 years later I knew a lot about B.J., his life and career, and was happy to promote his latest tune on ABC Records, Larry Butler's and Chips Moman's composition, (HEY WON'T YOU PLAY) ANOTHER SOMEBODY DONE SOMEBODY WRONG SONG.

B.J. had been doing some country stuff when things got tough on the Pop Charts, and this tune initially hit the C&W Chart going #1, but it crossed-over quickly, scoring B.J's second #1 on the Hot 100 and #1 on the Easy Listening Chart, ranking the #17 biggest record of 1975 on Billboard, and winning the Grammy for Best Country Song for Larry and Chips. It was the spark B. J. Thomas needed to rejuvenate his career and sold a ton of records.

Fun Fact: The title was the longest on the Hot 100 until 1985 when the Medley of Stars with a list of all 41 artists on the label beat it out.

It's been a blessing to TDR to now have access to many of the old Midnight Special Performances digitized with augmented sound, and this video of B.J. doing "Another Somebody Wrong Song" is a great example, it's almost like being there, and he looked and sounded great. @therealdonrocks

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