Tim Buckley: Dolphins

TIM BUCKLEY had a beautiful voice and almost inhuman vocal range. After an ill-fated short college stay started to write songs and sing; working the L.A. Folk circuit at the same time as Jackson Brown. The buzz on the street was that this guy, who also was a Heart Throb (Heard a woman refer to his as "adorable") was going to be a big star.

He got a lot of Ink in the L.A. music press, and was filling the house at The Troubadour, but Buckley was also the epitome of the sensitive singer/songwriter and hated the records he was making, one of his producers said, "Tim is not comfortable in his own musical skin."

Still the critics were kind, and his records moved although quite slowly, Elektra Records had faith in him and at one point even got him a Billboard on Sunset Blvd. But Tim tired of his folk sound and started to dabble in Jazz, Funk, Soul and the avant garde, which totally turned off his fans who loved his tender and melodic Folk-oriented work. Tim Buckley's album, "Happy or Sad," charted the highest of his work at #81 on the Top 200. Meanwhile, Buckley was trying various kinds of drugs and stumbled into Heroin.

Tim Buckley died in 1975 at 28 years of age from a overdose of heroin, just missing the "27 Club."

Note: Since I was discussing Tim's life and career I failed to mention his great friend and lyricist, BARRY BECKETT, who's contribution to Buckley's music was similar to that of Bernie Taupin to Elton John, preferring to be out of the spotlight. Scott found this very well done video of Tim Buckley doing Fred Neil's song titled: DOLPHINS (Fred Neil is famous for leaving his musical career to go live with the Dolphins...it is rumored that he could talk to them). Let me know how you like this Search idea. @therealdonrocks

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