Don Remembers: Glen Campbell (RIP)

It makes me sad to report that the great guitarist, singer and human being, GLEN CAMPBELL, has passed on at age 81, after an extended bout with dementia. He was the real deal, an Arkansas boy born with a special talent. When folks would ask what he was like, I'd say, 'Just like he is on TV.' My old boss Al Bennett, a record mogul from the old school was also from that neck of the woods, and many days he and Glen and a couple of other guys would sit around the locker room at the Rivera Country Club playing cards and telling lies.

Since we've had a lot of coverage of Glen's journey from lead guitar of the famous "Wrecking Crew" Session Musicians group, to his Super-Stardom as an entertainer on our blog/site and here on the TDR Facebook page, I'm going to close with this tribute to a fine man, his farewell song and last recording, I'M NOT GOING TO MISS YOU. May his soul rest in the Cosmic Peace. @therealdonrocks

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