The Eagles: Hotel California

The great DON HENLEY turned 70 years old on July 22. He had a birthday bash at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas and he was joined by musical friends, associates and happy fans, many of whom have followed him since The EAGLES broke big in 1971.

He's so much more than a drummer/front man in that iconic band though, he's a master songwriter with many hits notched in his belt. When the Eagles broke up for the first time in 1981 Henley went off solo and produced 5 albums with hit songs like "Dirty Laundry" and "The Boys of Summer, before they regrouped in 1994.

He is truly a country boy growing up in tiny Linden, Texas, a town between Dallas and Shreveport, that probably influenced his love and interest in Nature. Henley's a true environmentalist, and worked to save Caddo Lake, an incredible place and the only "natural" lake in Texas with Moss hanging from the trees; then Don was involved in the Walden Woods Project, a movement to preserve Walden Pond.

The great American Band that he started with the late Glenn Frye, with whom he had played behind Linda Ronstadt, has sold 150 Million Records world-wide, an unbelievable number of pieces that made them the best selling band in history. As a solo artist Don Henley sold about 10 Million records, and combined with the Eagles has had 25 Top 40 Hits on the Hot 100. With Glenn and the other Eagles he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, and I've just scratched the the surface of his accomplishments.

So Happy Birthday Don Henley, I know the Birthday Show must have been bitter-sweet without your musical partner there, but I sincerely hope we'll be hearing from your for many years to come. Scott has selected this wonderful video of Don and the boys performing their hit, HOTEL CALIFORNIA Live in Concert at their peak. @therealdonrocks

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